Paris Marathon Madness

NOW THAT I HAVE SIGNED UP FOR THE Paris Marathon three months hence (April 10, ektually), my physical and mental frailities are popping out all over. In just the last three days: sprained thumb, bruised wrist, chronic TMJ pain, forgetfulness, a tooth-grinding anxiety that may account for the TMJ, the start of a toothache, and a handful of other things I have forgotten. I went to my GP for a medical certificate (required for the PM) and forgot to most of these. Well, that's the forgetfulness for you.



margotdarby said…
Try a lot of underwater swimming in a pool for the TMJ.
npetrikov said…
A little TM (or the occidental equivalent) might help the TMJ, too. The unremitting stress of modern society leaves us little time for chilling out, but chilling out is something the body sorely needs, and at regular intervals.

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