Now Malcolm Gladwell Says He's English


New MG sighting in the FT! A pretty Ferguson ink-and-colorwash of him in a v-neck jumper and t-shirt, with a baby face and not too much hair. He's the subject of the Financial Times's weekend interview, where you are given the restaurant's menu along with the subject's opinions. This is a very different Gladwell from the one we had before. For one thing, he is no longer Canadian (as everyone else has reported). No, he's English. Or says he is. At least he was born there but his parents left for race reasons. Right, so they went to Canada? What am I missing here? Malcolm likes to eat hamburgers at the Savoy in SoHo, where he wrote most of his new book, Blink. That's a nice homey touch. But he continues to parlay the tired line about his afro, which we've seen in at least two other interviews. He says he grew his hair out as an experiment, and found that he was being stopped by cops when driving, and often pulled out of airport lines for questioning. Oh please! I'll buy a hamburger and drink for Malcolm at any SoHo boite of his choice if he can prove to me that either of these annoyances actually happened more than once. Drop the afro, Malcolm, and drop the Black Like Me routine too, while you're at it.


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