I see my distant cousin by marriage, Camilla Parker-Bowles, is seriously considering marrying the Prince of Wales. There are several downside considerations here:
1) The guy is old old old. Camilla is old too but she could get a young guy if she wanted to.
2) The guy is never going to be king. This may be an advantage romantically, but we have to face the fact that his failure to become king shows lack of character, a weakness so clearly displayed in his reaction to Prince Harry's romp in the 'Nazi' fancy-dress affair.
3) Her new mother-in-law, Lilibet, is a royal pain in the butt and shows no sign of kicking off. If Charles had more spunk, he'd arrange a convenient "accident" for the royal mum, as was arranged for ex-wife Diana and her dusky consort, Dodi. (At least we now know Charles wasn't behind that Paris tragedy. Good on yer, Chuck.)
4) Camilla's only going to be Princess Consort, HRH Princess of Cornwall or somesuch offbeat place. If I were Camilla I'd definitely hold out for Princess of Hemel Hempstead, or Notting Hill, even.

The only advantage to the marriage, so far as I can see, is that Prince Charles himself will now also be a cousin by marriage. But big deal. Go back to William the Conqueror and we're all kissing kin.


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